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Professional Massage
A professional massage studio

(Photo by Skye Bleu-Web Mistress)

Hello! My name is Jen Phillips, I'm the proud owner of Harmony Massage-LMT

I have been a licensed massage therapist (#15269 OR) in Oregon since 2008. I provide professional, therapeutic, and relaxing massage services to my clients in my own personal studio. Some of the common benefits of massage my clients experience are:

  • reduced stiffness and motion limitations

  • increased flexibility

  • increased blood flow

  • enhanced soft tissue healing

  • reduced pain

I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage therapy.

Be well, live in good health and harmony,

Jen Phillips-Lmt of Harmony MassageLmt


Illness Policy

If you are sick, have the flu, fever, coughing, and/or are contagious, have open sores, rashes, including (pink eye, poison oak, poison ivy, shingles, etc.) PLEASE DO NOT COME TO MY STUDIO for a massage because I will have to send you away.

If you are sick, you will not be charged for a missed appointment. If at all possible please give as much notice as possible so someone on the cancellation list might get an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation/No Shows & Other Policies

All no shows or late cancellations within a 6 hour window WILL BE CHARGED a minimum of $25 or 1/2 of your scheduled appt fee. If you have a prepaid appt.,such as a gift certificate, your session will be forfeited.

If you have a true emergency such as sickness, family, or work emergency, these will NOT be counted against you. Please let me know as soon as possible so I might be able to get someone in who has been waiting for an appointment.

Get on the cancellation list if you need an appointment and my schedule is full. Call or text the times you are available at 541-680-9898.

If someone has purchased a gift certificate from Jen in their name, and then gifts you with it, and your name is not on it, you must bring the paper gift certificate to your first appointment with Jen with a note from the original person saying they are gifting this to you. Gift certificates expire in 6 months from date of purchase.

Finally, if your health has changed drastically or something serious since you did an intake with Jen, please let her know before you schedule another appointment. Most medical conditions do not have an effect on massage but some do. So please let her know in advance.


Please FRIEND Harmony Massage-LMT Business Page. That will keep information up to date on your news feed. Just click on the FB link below. In addition, all of the current events will be listed on the Harmony Massage-Lmt Business Page as well.

Website & Facebook Management

My website and Harmony Massage-Lmt Business Facebook page are created and managed by my Web Mistress and personal assistant, Skye Bleu-Web Mistress.

If you have any problems or just want to comment, you can reach her here. She does a great job and would enjoy if you liked and follow her Facebook page, Skye Bleu-Web Mistress. Just click on the picture below to go to her Facebook page.

Skye Bleu-Web Mistress


BIG News-New Location

As of May 8th, 2017, I have moved my Harmony Massage business to the North River Retreat Day Spa located on the beautiful Umpqua River. My friend and fellow colleague, Kimberly Allen has a gorgeous space that I am able to use for my clients. It is a definite step-up from my past location.

Spacious parking, serene atmosphere, and conviently located at 338 Pioneer Parkway in Winchester. The new location is halfway between Sutherlin and Roseburg. All of my scheduling will stay the same except I will be booking on Thursdays.

I am looking forward to my new beginning and I can't wait to see you soon in my new location. Thank you for following along on this journey, we call life!

6th Anniversary Special

*****UPDATE****** Jen has decided to EXTEND this offer till the end of August! That is great news. Jen wanted to continue this SPECIAL as a THANK YOU to her clients.

Happy 6th ANNIVERSARY for my business, Harmony Massage-Lmt! For my clients I am offering a CASH ONLY massage special for $45.00. This is a $20.00 discount from the usual cost which is a great savings and my way of thanking YOU for your loyal patronage.

Payment of $45.00 cash will be at your massage appointment. If you like, you can go to the Schedule Now button listed below here and schedule your appointment. (If you have never seen Jen, you will have to call her first and do an intake at 541-680-9898.)

On Schedule Now, you will see an option for Anniversary Special, please choose this option for this special offer so I know who is using the Anniversary Special instead of my regular bookings.

This offer only happens once a year on my anniversary. It is my way of thanking my clients! So don't delay, schedule your appointment now. Thank you so much for your years of loyality to my business

Online Scheduler Information

If you have never been a client before of Harmony Massaage-Lmt, you must speak to Jen first because you will have to fill out an intake form before you can schedule a massage. Until then, you will not be able to use the Schedule Now button.

For current or returning clients, just click on the Schedule Now button to take you to Schedulicity, Harmony Massage's online scheduler. You can find it too, on the Harmony Massage Facebook Timeline. It will take you right to Scheduling Now.

Schedule online now

More Great News! Therapeutic Cupping at Harmony Massage

I recently completed a 2 day workshop on Therapeutic Cupping for the shoulder and the surrounding areas. Cupping is a modern day technique used in Eastern Medicine and dates as far back as 28 A.D. Using the powerful suction of cups, old stagnated blood and toxins are pulled through the tissues to revive the area with new healthy blood.

Many of you may be familiar with the “spotted” look on Michael Phelps and other swimmers at the past Summer Olympics. This effect does happen but not for long and the spots will fade.

It is so amazing, I would love to share my new modality with you. For that reason, I am offering an INRODUCTIONARY SPECIAL for $50.00 which will INCLUDE a 30 min. cupping session and a 30 min. massage.

If you would like to learn more about cupping, please click on the link below, and discover this ancient technique.

Dr. Axe-Cupping Therapy

doTerra Aroma Touch

The doTerra AromaTouch massage is a very special and unique massage adding a blend of 8 different oils to your massage. This is a special massage that offers the body and senses a special calm and tranquility that is quite unique. In addition, there is a catalog at the studio and there are many others you can buy other than the special 8 blend that is used during the AromaTouch massage.

This is currently offered for $15.00 extra to your massage price. This is not an add on massage, this is your massage. The price difference is due to the cost of the oils.

Harmony Massage Lmt can also order doTerra Oils for you if there are some you like. Spring time is a good time of year with all that spring cleaning (ick) to purchase some oils and/or a diffuser to help clean your house and benefits of essential oils instead of harsh chemicals.